A screenshot from Telstra's wi-fi maximiser app.
A screenshot from Telstra's wi-fi maximiser app.

App helps hunt down Wi-Fi dead zones

FRUSTRATED by Wi-Fi backspots in your home or office? 

Telstra has recently released an app for both android and iOS devices which promises to hunt them down and show you how your signal can be improved.

The Telstra Wi-Fi Maximiser lets you survey your local Wi-Fi network for blackspots or dead zones.

It will show you what you can do to improve your coverage as well as giving more information on how Wi-Fi actually works.

You can also perform a quick test to clearly see the status of your network.

If using iOS, the app needs to use a different method of detecting Wi-Fi signal.

For the 'Quick Wi-Fi Test' screen, it will use network latency and packet loss to detect the quality of the network (instead of signal strength/RSSI values).

You'll need to enable 'Quick Wi-Fi Test Statistics' in the Settings app -> Wi-Fi Assistant before they can view these statistics..

For a more detailed view, Telstra recommends Map My Wi-Fi where you can create a Wi-Fi heatmap to help identify high and low singal areas.

This information will then help you make decisions to ensure you get the best possible Wi-Fi coverage from your modem.

The App is compatible with Android version 1.6 and above, and iOS versions 6 and above and can be downloaded from either Play Store for android or App store for Apple devices.