The Sandwich Toss app promises to his the 'sweet spot'.
The Sandwich Toss app promises to his the 'sweet spot'.

App lets you give Julia the Rudd Roll and Tony Baloney

JULIA Gillard might be yesterday's news politically, but she may long live on in our mobile phones thanks to an app created on the Gold Coast.

The Sandwich Toss gives points for hitting a cartoon character of the former PM in the face with a sandwich.

Already it has met with howls of protest from some who say its capitalising on sexism and migogyny.

Melinda Liszewski from anti-objectification group Collective Shout was critical of the app.

``Regardless of political position, we should all agree that this sort of treatment of our female MPs is unacceptable,'' she told News Ltd.

``The app's creator is capitalising on the sexism and misogyny directed towards female politicians. Points are awarded for hitting the former Prime Minister in the face.''

But the app's co-creator say the game, which took six weeks to make and has been downloaded more than 1000 times, was just political satire.

He argued it might even prevent people from throwing sandwiches at future PMs because they can do it virtually.

Higher point-scoring options include the Tony Baloney, Rudd Roll, ALP BLT and the Clive Parmigiana. 

If you really must download the app, you can find it here


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I am going to download it now. It looks like fun.


It's terrible. We should show a PM more respect.


There should be one for Tony Abbott


We should have one for big Clive Palmer


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