Home style, Sharon Fraser, Bangalow
Home style, Sharon Fraser, Bangalow Mireille Merlet-Shaw

Architect building beauty in her Bangalow home

ARCHITECT Sharon Fraser bought this house in Bangalow almost two years ago.

"The house was perfect for me as it only had a small amount of renovations done to it, so I didn't feel like I had much to undo," explained Sharon.

"Ideally I love a house that is essentially untouched. This is a classic 1903 house called Galloway; it was one of the original houses in the area. The house has great proportions and is set on an acre (0.4ha) which is quite unique for Bangalow. As we came from a rural property near Federal, it was great that there was some breathing space around the house," says Sharon.

"I suppose the first thing I did was to solve what I saw as problems.

"For instance, in this house the living room was the coldest and darkest room in the house, so it was a case of how do I combine what I love about this house and get the northern sun, create open-space living, but still maintain the character of Galloway.

"I was working with four separate rooms at the back of the house, now they are opened up to the height of the picture rails.

"It's a great way of opening up a space but at the same time, maintaining character. I'm not black and white about the so-called rules; I believe that different houses require different things.

"There are three of us living here and we extended the house by about 50%, mainly out towards the street, which works because we mainly spend our time living out the back of the house," Sharon said.

"I have orientated all the rooms to get maximum sunlight. even our back deck gets sun all along the side as the house is sited east to west.

"I could say that this is our last house; I always do, but if I do, we would hear the sounds of our friend's laughter pealing from one end of the Byron Shire to the other!"