Filmmaker Darcy Ward is off to Fiji.
Filmmaker Darcy Ward is off to Fiji. Contributed

Surfer dreams of big waves and a big future in film

AS a surfer and up and coming filmmaker, Tweed man Darcy Ward has long dreamt of being paid for doing what he loves best, making surf films and documentaries.

Although the young Mr Ward is now a professional videographer, making money out of filming surfing is not always a reality.

But just last week this might have changed for Darcy, when he received a phone call that will see him heading to Fiji to cover the world championship tour event.

It is all a little hush hush, but Mr Ward will have complete access to the event on all levels, while following a few of the big name pros around documenting their movements.

He will be responsible for putting together a daily clip for the event sponsors, who are stoked to have him on board after checking out some of his previous work.

"It will be really good to just get my name out there and spend some time with seasoned pros,"said Mr Ward.

To top it all off, Mr Ward will be allowed out in the water to shoot footage for his client, the whole time being paid to do what he loves best at one of the world's most famous waves, Cloud break.

My Daily News profiled Mr Ward a little time ago and has kept a keen eye on his progress, things are looking up for future.

Jump on Vimeo and search Darcy Ward to see what the lens man has been up to.