Ashfield attack: ‘He was groaning when he was choking me’


A YOUNG mother allegedly assaulted in a laneway by a vile creep who groaned like "someone torturing an animal" during the unprovoked attack has spoken out.

Windy, 34, who did not want to give her surname, was taking the bins out behind her home on Carlisle St in Ashfield when she was grabbed from behind and choked by the unidentified man on Monday night.

The shocking attack came only 10 minutes after another woman, 30, was also grabbed from behind by the same man nearby on Norton St.

After being knocked to the ground, Windy screamed as loud as she could before the man ran away within one minute.



Windy, 34, said, “I got really angry afterwards … he was having fun doing that.”
Windy, 34, said, “I got really angry afterwards … he was having fun doing that.”

"I feel scared and shocked, but at the same time when I think of what happened - I keep thinking he was groaning when he was choking me - I feel really angry as well," she said at her house on Tuesday.

"It was like a sick person when they torture animals and they get satisfied. It felt like that - it was really sick. I got really angry afterwards … he was having fun doing that."

Police have urged anyone with information about the man and the "random attacks" to come forward.

Superintendent David Johnson described the man as tall with a thin build and long hair.

He was wearing a long sleeve black shirt with white logos on the sleeves and beige shorts with white sneakers.

"Clearly this is an abhorrent attack on two innocent female victims and we're really looking for the public's assistance to help identify this perpetrator so we can put him behind bars where he belongs," Superintendent Johnson said.

"We're conducting a significant investigation - I have every available detective working on this matter - police are taking this very seriously."

Windy, who has a young baby, said she was compelled to speak out because she felt everyone should feel safe in their homes.

"It shouldn't happen," she said.

"I want everyone to not be scared, but still at the same time be careful. It shouldn't be unsafe like this, I was just in my backyard taking my bin out. Even simple things like that you can't do.

"My boyfriend was saying 'you're not doing the bins now' and I said 'that's not the point'.

"The point is you shouldn't be worried doing things around the place. The whole of society should not be worried doing simple things like that."

Anyone with information is urged to phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.