Aussie blokes more likely to use Facebook on the toilet

FACEBOOK users are spending an average of more than 12-and-a-half hours a week on the platform, and they are beginning to realise it may be a problem.

The latest Sensis Social Media Report found usage had stretched remarkably since last year, when Australian Facebook users operated the platform for about eight-and-a-half hours a week on average.

"Facebook continues to dominate, with 95% of social media users on the platform and the average time spent on the site rising by more than four hours this year alone," Sensis spokeswoman Alice Mentiplay said.

"It's not surprising, therefore, to see a rise in the number of people concerned they are spending too long on social media, with more than one in three women (35%) and a quarter of men (26%) now worried."

The study of 800 consumers and 1100 businesses found men were much more likely to use social media at work than women (44% to 26%) and twice as likely to use social media on the toilet (16% to 8%).