AUSTRALIANA: Austen Tayshus is coming to Lennox.
AUSTRALIANA: Austen Tayshus is coming to Lennox. AIKMAN AMOS

Austen Tayshus performs in Lennox Head today

AUSSIE icon Austen Tayshus is one of the country's most well-known comedians.

If you want a political download or a pop culture explosion, then his razor sharp wit is for you.

Austen Tayshus, 64, is the stage name of Jewish Australian comedian Alexander Jacob Gutman, commonly called Sandy Gutman.

How can one comic be politically incorrect and politically correct all at the same time?

He's larger than life, fearless, passionate and provocative.

He goes down pathways few comics dare to go, finding something darkly funny at every turn.

For Austen Tayshus it's always been about more than just making jokes - it's about culture, it's about identity, and it's about pushing through our Australian ambivalence and engaging in the dialogue.

A loud mouth sunglasses-wearing Austen Tayshus burst onto the scene back in 1981, going gangbusters with his 1983 hit Australiana, written by fellow comedian Billy Birmingham.

It sold more than 200,000 units and went double platinum.

His appearance on Andrew Denton's Enough Rope on ABC TV was highly acclaimed and watched by more than one million people around Australia.

He is joined by The Northern Star's entertainer of the year 2018, Mandy Nolan.