A baby girl was treated for serious burns after being scolded by hot water at a holiday home.
A baby girl was treated for serious burns after being scolded by hot water at a holiday home. Daily Telegraph

Baby girl recovering after hot water horror

IT WAS a horrifying moment in what should have been a joyful family holiday.

Carrissa Wells' one-year-old daughter was being bathed in a shower when her older sibling turned off the cold water, accidentally scorching her with hot water at an Evans Head holiday unit about 6pm on Wednesday night.

This left the baby girl with burns to 30 per cent of her body.

Ms Wells' brother, Shaun, said the baby's burns were less severe than first feared, with the worst contained to one arm. But he he said she would need a host of follow-up appointments after being discharged from the Gold Coast University Hospital.

He has praised the actions of emergency service workers who attended the scene and helped the Kyogle family.

"They were there in a very timely manner and also the Westpac helicopter service,” Mr Wells said.

"We're very appreciative of their level of support to Carrissa who was beside herself, naturally.”

Mr Wells' first aid trained wife, Louisa, was on hand and put the baby under cold water as she phoned Triple 0.

Mr Wells said he had needed the same Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter service that helped his niece when he was a newborn 32 years ago.

"It goes to show the importance of having that resource available to us on the North Coast,” he said.

NSW Ambulance acting zone manager Greg Powell said prevention of burns incidents was always better than a cure, but he said having someone on hand with first aid training was always helpful.

"NSW Ambulance would recommend that all adults and anybody old enough undertake first aid training,” he said.

"It certainly can make a difference in any situation in the ongoing recovery and survival.”

With burns victims of any age, he said you should run the burn under cold water for at least ten minutes.

Mr Powell said it was important to understand infants and toddlers needed bathing water to be much cooler than what adults could tolerate.

He said it was also vital to ensure any children assisting with the care of very young or elderly people were responsible and aware of hazards.