The Johnston family, Keiran, Kylie and Ronan with their new baby Raphael.
The Johnston family, Keiran, Kylie and Ronan with their new baby Raphael. Scott Powick

Baby Raphael is a gift after devastation of the flood

LOSING some of their one-of-a-kind collectable items in the floods, Kylie and Kieran Johnston have put their lives back together just in time for the arrival of their second son.

The couple along with their first son Ronan were forced to evacuate their home in the early hours of March 31 and left without knowing the extent of the flood damage to their house.

Two months after the floods, the new addition to the family, Raphael, was born on Monday, May 29.

Ms Johnston said the family, which only moved into their South Murwillumbah home in December, had worked tirelessly to get the house back to normality in time for the birth.

"We managed to just get everything cleaned up on the Saturday before we had him," Ms Johnston said, joking she had "Sunday off" before giving birth the next day.

"We had people saying I should take it easy but I was going to be off for the next six weeks so we wanted to get everything done before he's here."

Ms Johnston said the night of the floods was terrifying for the young family, they even left their bird behind.

While there was extensive damage caused to their garage where their collectable items were stored, including rare figurines of cartoon characters from Transformers and Dragon Ball Z, Ms Johnston said they were almost finished with clean up.

"We've pretty much cleaned up the worst of it but we've still got crates of stuff filled with the finer cleaning to be done," she said.

Now that everything is settled, Ms Johnston said the family is happy and Ronan loves his new role of big brother.

"Raphael is doing well," she said.

"Ronan's always wanting cuddles and every time we've got the bassinet out he runs over to have a look."