Noni Janur features on this season of The Bachelor.
Noni Janur features on this season of The Bachelor. Channel 10

Bachelor Richie gives bacon-loving Noni the boot

THE Bachelor journey is over for the bacon-loving brunette beauty Noni Janur.

Richie Strahan sent Ms Janur home without a rose on tonight's episode of reality dating show.

Ms Janur said although she went into the show with her heart open, she was okay when it came time for her to leave.

"It was my time to go home. I had seen a lot of girls form a connection with Richie that I just didn't have," she told the Chronicle.

"We no doubt formed a strong connection but it was more of a friendship.

"I thought my time was up a few weeks back and was tossing up about leaving myself because I was falling back.

"I didn't have a single date but I was fine with that. I went on every group date bar one, so I had my time with him I just didn't feel any sparks."

The Bachelor Richie Strahan, centre, pictured with 'bachelorettes' Rachael Gouvignon and Noni Janur.
The Bachelor Richie Strahan, centre, pictured with 'bachelorettes' Rachael Gouvignon and Noni Janur. Channel 10

Ms Janur said the rose ceremonies were just as nerve wracking in real life as they looked on screen.

"In the house Richie becomes everything and so do the rose ceremonies," she said.

"They can be a scary thing because the girls are all you know and it became nerve wracking thinking you have to leave and go back to your normal life.

"Then, when another girl is eliminated it is one less person to talk to in the house."

Although Ms Janur didn't find love on the show, she formed some close friendships with the other contestants.

She developed a life-long friendship with former model Kiki Morris and is still close with Brisbane hairdresser Faith Williams and single mum Alex Nation.

"I was stoked to stay in the house as long as I did and I made some great friends in the house," she said.

"Everyone is different and emotions are amplified, being in close proximity to each other for such a long period of time.

"I tried to withdraw from the fights and disagreements but being stuck together they were bound to happen."

Witnessing Mr Strahan interact with the other women first hand, Ms Janur has predictions on who will win his heart in the end.

"He has definitely formed a strong connection with Nikki, Alex and Olena so I wouldn't be surprised if any of them win."

Since leaving the house Ms Janur has been working on releasing her new bikini collection with Balini and isn't actively looking for love.

"I am just living my life and am still single but I won't be rushing into anything any time soon."

The Bachelor continues tomorrow at 7.30pm on Channel 10.