Final decision made on this year's Ballina Cup

IT'S all systems go at the Ballina racecourse as organisers prepare for the annual Ballina Cup which will be held on September 6, despite rumours to the contrary.

Drainage work on the course has been put off until late September to allow the Cup to go ahead, said Jockey Club general manager Matthew Bertram.

The decision to go ahead with the Cup was made only last Friday, leaving five weeks until the big day.

"It's definitely going on as planned, we will be marketing the event and selling tickets this week,'' Mr Bertram said.

"We just had to get Ballina on the front foot as opposed to waiting and that's what we've done.''

Mr Bertram said it had been "a difficult situation" in the lead-up to the decision to run the Cup.

"I know there were rumours.

"We couldn't say one way or the other until we did our due diligence with the tender process."

The tender process had put forward two dates to start the drainage, late August and late September, but the club decided to go with the September start date after the Cup.

"If we went with August it meant the the Cup would have been bypassed or delayed."