Mixed abilities band Tralala Blip are touring in Germany for two weeks before heading to Adelaide to perform at the Fringe Festival.
Mixed abilities band Tralala Blip are touring in Germany for two weeks before heading to Adelaide to perform at the Fringe Festival. Jake Taylor

Band proves ‘mixed abilities’ label is no barrier to success

ELECTRO-pop band Tralala Blip is showing the world that having mixed abilities members is no barrier to success, with one international tour under their belt and another underway in Germany.

Randolf Riemann, an original member of the 1980s hardcore band Massappeal, founded Tralala Blip in 2007 as a music program, but over time it developed into a five-member band.

"I was working as a support worker at the time ... I thought it would be interesting to start a project where people wrote their own music, and I thought having a background in electronic music I'd bring all my gadgets, we'd start playing around and people could just explore that," he said.

"It's now morphed into a band that works outside any service."

Band member Phoebe Rose joined in 2013, bringing along a unique sound with her "hacked squarewave oscillator".

"A squarewave is the type of waves that a sound makes, and the squarewaver oscillator that I use has four different controls of the soundwave, so I can make it faster, I can make it screech, I can make it really slow, really droney. It's a nasty sound, but it's good," she said.

Phoebe said one of the first things she noticed when joining the band was the public's misconception about them.

Tralala Blip: Dogboy Soldier: Tralala Blip is a mixed abilities electro-pop band based in Lismore. The band is currently in Germany touring, but they will return to Australia in time to perform at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in February.

"We'll walk into a venue and everyone instantly has a preconceived idea of what we are, because of who we are," she said.

"But then it's not until we start playing that people realise we know how to play our instruments, everyone has input, it's really cohesive ... the mixed abilities concept doesn't scratch our surface at all."

The band members all share a role in vocals, while bringing in their unique styles to create futuristic, space-like, electro-pop music.

Member Matthew Daymond does the artwork for their CD covers, t-shirt designs, and he plays the MS-20, which is similar to an analogue keyboard.

Lydian Dunbar does t-shirt designs and song writing, and creates music using different devices.

Zac Misfud uses a mixer and a theremin, a Japanese instrument used to make music with your hands.

You can watch their music video Dogboy Soldier on YouTube.

Tralala Blip has gigs lined up for the Adelaide Fringe Festival in February.