BARNABY Joyce today defiantly declared he will stand again in New England, almost guaranteeing a showdown with senior Coalition figures.

And if re-elected at the election scheduled for early next year his prospects are for a career stalled on the back bench.

"Of course I am running again," Mr Joyce told reporters today.

"The first people I would tell if I wasn't would be the electorate. I'm still working for New England, I'm having meetings in the electorate today."

A senior National today told that if re-elected Mr Joyce had "zero prospects" of regaining the party leadership, or a front bench position.

The former National's leader and Deputy Prime Minister is being urged by senior Nationals to quit Parliament in the aftermath of his Seven network appearance with partner Vikki Campion and their son Sebastian on Sunday Night.

Vikki Campion and Barnaby Joyce during their Sunday Night interview. Credit: Channel 7
Vikki Campion and Barnaby Joyce during their Sunday Night interview. Credit: Channel 7

Ms Campion had been an adviser to Mr Joyce when their romance began.

The pair angered fellow National MPs by accusing unnamed "scum of the Earth" of urging Ms Campion to terminate the pregnancy.

A Coalition MP told this was painful to people "who gave him more loyalty and respect than he earned".

There ar just 21 Nationals in Parliament and the outburst in effect smeared all of them.

Further, he admitted keeping the pregnancy from colleagues and voters during the December byelection in his seat of New England, caused by his dual citizenship.

And Mr Joyce admitted he knew early he would lose the jobs of Nationals leader and Deputy Prime Minister but refused to budge.

He continue to add to instability within the Coalition government by interfering in a ministerial reshuffle before departing after unrelated allegations of sexual harassment.

Mr Joyce also used the interview to berate Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for reprimanding him in public over behaviour Mr Turnbull said had appalled Australians.