TUESDAY 3.45pm: A SMELLY week ahead is anticipated for Richmond Valley Council workers tasked to the grim clean up of hundreds of bat carcasses around the valley.

Worse than a dump was how one of the workers described the putrid stench that comes with clearing the creatures.

Casino's black flying fox populations was the hardest hit around the region with hundreds cleared from local parks, around the riverbank and some backyards yesterday alone.

Operations coordinator open space, facilities and cemeteries, Stuart Hall estimated it will take his team about two weeks to fully rid the township of the bat remains.

So far, council's general manager, Vaughan McDonald said the fatalities are about 2000, which is less than half of the estimated 5000 killed in the heatwave of 2014.

"Hopefully it's (the bat deaths) not as severe as what we faced in 2014," Mr McDonald said.

A "clear protocol" has been established between the council and various agencies to plan for future heatwave events, according to Mr McDonald.

Rural Fire Service, Wires, Northern Rivers Wildlife Care as well as local land services are among the agencies that coordinate with the council to protect the bats during extremely hot weather.

"We need to be ready to respond quickly to minimise the impact on our bat population," Mr McDonald said.

The clean up team secure the dead bats in bags before they're buried at the council's landfill site at Namoona. 

TUESDAY 12.47pm: NEARLY 300 dead bats have been cleaned up this morning alone in Casino.

The clean up effort is well underway around town with Richmond Valley Council workers disposing of carcasses around the township.

In one backyard alone, nearly 100 dead bats were removed by council workers.

Operations coorinator open space, facilities and cemeteries, Stuart Hall said today's winds have benefited the clean up effort.

Mr Hall said the breeze is helping to blow the deceased creatures down from the tree tops.

The putrid stench of the bats is also being blown away from the wind much to the relief of residents.