Bonalbo Mens Shed are making bee hotels.
Bonalbo Mens Shed are making bee hotels.

Bee hotel orders from men's shed are buzzing

ORDERS for bee hotels made by the Bonalbo Community Men's Shed "have gotten silly,” secretary Debbie Johnston said.

She posted on the men's shed Facebook Page a photo of the $25 bee hotel made from donated pallets, bamboo and woodchips.

"I asked them to make two for me,” Ms Johnston said.

"I put it on Facebook and it went off.”

The Men's Shed have a Blokes Morning every Thursday where they make the bee hotels and bird feeders, which are also popular, Ms Johnston said.

"People are thinking more about native bees and pollination because of the panic about lost habitat and the bushfires,” she said.

"We're only a small shed and this is brilliant.”

Bonalbo Men's Shed have linked up with aged care at the local hospital to make alpaca statues out of bottle tops.

We have an endless supply of bottle tops from the Dog 'n' Bull, Ms Johnston said.

The Men's Shed closes on December 7 so get your Christmas orders in quick.

Go to their Facebook Page.


At Bonalbo's Lousia Johnston Centre opening on December 27 at 11 am, bee hotels and bird feeders will be for sale.