Beef Week sizzles in all of its glory

IT WAS another splendid year of all things cattle-related at Casino's annual Beef Week free breakfast yesterday.

Organisers estimated more than 5000 people turned up for the big feed, which also included a competition to crown the best sausage maker in the region.

Winner Brad Wornes, from Casino's Madsen Meats, said he was pleasantly surprised with judges gracing his sundried tomato and basil-flavoured snag with the win.

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"We entered hoping to win but we didn't expect to, so it was a nice surpirse," Mr Wornes said.

"I think they liked the balance of the ingredients in the sausage. You could still taste the beef but they liked the nice hint of sundried tomato and basil as well.


  • Richmond Valley Council Family Fun Day, at the BIG4 Casino Resort, from 9am
  • Beef Week Fly-In Muster, Casino Aerodrome, East St, from 9am

"We make a lot of different sausages here. We make eight to 10 different flavours every week, so we just put our heads together and combined a few."

Mr Wornes also thanked his regular customers for being the "guinea pigs" behind his success.

"We just keep altering the flavours and wait for their feedback until we get something special," he explained.

Casino local Andrew Presbury said his children Max, 5, and Ada, 3, loved going to Beef Week events.

"You see all the community around here, and it really does have something for everyone," Mr Presbury said.

Beef Week vice president Frank McKey said the event was another success and paid tribute to all the volunteers working behind the scenes to make it run smoothly.

He also said the event wouldn't survive without the generosity of local butchers, shops and supermarkets.

"It's an annual event that people really look forward to," he said.

"I've just come back from Beef Week at Rockhampton - there's probably no comparison between us and them.

"If it was beef week versus beef week, I'd have to take Casino, but I'm a bit biased.

"Ours is run on about $200,000 a year. Ours is voluntary, ours is in the main street, and people from all walks of life want to turn up.

"People just look forward to coming down and seeing people. People all say they want to go to Beef Week, and it's on the tourist map now."


Thousands of volunteer hours

240kg of steak, provided by local butchers

150kg of sausages, provided by butchers and Woolworths

410 loaves of bread, 14 tubs of margarine, 20 large bottles of tomato and barbecue sauces, all provided by Woolworths

And for the first time this year, a Beef Week Cake cut by the Beef Week Queen