Ben Lee is performing at Lismore City Hall on March 26.
Ben Lee is performing at Lismore City Hall on March 26.

Ben Lee performing in Lismore? We’ll catch that disease

If you know every word to the songs Cigarettes Will Kill You and Catch My Disease, then jump on over to Lismore City Hall's website and book your tickets to Ben Lee's show later this month.

The Aussie singer-songwriter is coming to our part of the world on Friday, March 26.

He describes his musical life as a "strange dream", and himself as an "activist, celebrator of wild ideas and professional adventurer".

Should be a good night, then.

"I've made lots of albums, side projects, music for TV, movies, commercials, as well as produced other artists," Lee said.

"But the through line is a constant quest to externalise the music in my head.

"My love of a perfect lyric set to the perfect melody.

"The simplicity/stupidity of repetition.

"Chords. Rhythm. Tone.

"The joy of sound.

"Artists have a big responsibility; to keep it light, but devastating, at the same time, if that makes sense."

Ben Lee began his career as a young teenager in the early 1990s, as part of the band Noise Addict.

His first acoustic-driven solo album was released in 1995, but it was his 2005 album, Awake is the New Sleep, that saw Lee get worldwide recognition.

His latest releases include 2019's Quarter Century Classics, a covers album of songs Lee was obsessed with as a teenager in the 1990s.

In 2020 he released Golden State, his second collaboration with Josh Radnor.

Now Lee is preparing for the release of his new album, featuring collaborations with Shamir, Christian Lee Hutson, Money Mark, Sadie Dupuis and Zooey Deschanel.

Ben Lee's OMG I'm Playing Gigs Again! show is at Lismore City Hall on Friday, March 26 at 7pm. Tickets are $46.40 plus transaction fee. Visit