Bernadette Maria Simpson was sentenced to 2½ years’ jail for cutting the throat of her ex-partner.
Bernadette Maria Simpson was sentenced to 2½ years’ jail for cutting the throat of her ex-partner.

Woman’s ‘chilling’ farewell before cutting ex's throat

A WOMAN who chillingly said, "see you later sweetheart" before slicing her ex-boyfriend's throat has been jailed in Townsville.

Bernadette Maria Simpson took a knife to the neck of her former partner, Warren Clarke, on January 28, causing a deep 7cm gash.

She pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding when she faced Townsville District Court.

Simpson had been drinking on the afternoon of the wounding and arrived uninvited at Mr Clarke's house in Charters Towers in a drunken state.

The court heard she heard she had consumed 10 ciders before the attack.

Judge Greg Lynham said shortly after Simpson arrived at the address she told another man that she intended to kill Mr Clarke.

Judge Lynham said the relationship had ended shortly before the incident but Simpson had disclosed to a friend that she had been sleeping with the victim for three to four days before the attack.

"She walks up behind him, pulls his head back and then runs the knife across his throat," Judge Lynham said.

"Even describing it like that is quite chilling."

Judge Lynham said the weapon used was a flick blade pocket knife about 7cm long.

"You said the words 'see you later sweetheart' and then with your right hand you dragged the knife across Mr Clarke's throat," he told Simpson.

Others at the house were able to separate Simpson from Mr Clarke, and phone emergency services.

Fortunately the wound suffered by Mr Clarke did not penetrate his soft tissue and was determined to only be minor.

The court heard Mr Clarke was rolling a cigarette for himself when paramedics and police arrived at the house.

Judge Lynham said Mr Clarke did not provide a complaint to police and defence barrister Wayne Pennell even submitted a letter from the victim, offering his support for Simpson.

Judge Lynham took into account the highly unusual support shown by the victim when determining his sentence.

Simpson's minor criminal history also played a part in her being sentenced to 2½ years' jail.

She had 32 days declared as time already spent in custody and will be released on parole on April 13 next year.