Ballina residents are being warned about numerous scams.
Ballina residents are being warned about numerous scams. Daniel Elliott

Beware of phone scammers targeting Ballina

AN East Ballina man has spent this morning fending off not one, not two, but three scam phone calls.

He wants to warn others the scammers seem to be targeting the area as he has spoken to others who have received the same phone calls.

One of the calls was supposedly from the Australian Tax Office threatening legal action over non-payment of a tax bill, with an instruction to call a specified phone number.

However, the tax office only sends those kinds of communications in writing.

The other two recorded phone calls identified themselves as being from the NBN Co, with the threat the man's landline would be cut off within 24 hours if he didn't respond to their call by pressing 1 on his handset.

NBN Co provides the infrastructure for phones and internet, but is not a phone or internet retailer.

The man said he had an unlisted phone number so he believed the robo-callers were simply choosing random numbers.

But he feared some elderly people might fall for the scams out of fear.

The advice is to not give personal information like credit card details out over the phone.

And if there is any doubt in the caller's identity, get the company name, look up the company's phone number yourself and call them back.