Vets are warning owners to beware of ticks this season.
Vets are warning owners to beware of ticks this season. Cathy Adams

Don’t be ticked off, take precautions

THIS year could shape up to be a terrible season for ticks and veterinarians are warning people to be aware and to take precautions.

Veterinary Nurse at the Ballina Veterinary Hospital Renae Barnes said since spring started, and the weather started heating up, they are starting to see more animals presenting ... and if it rains, it will only get worse.

But, there are precautions you can take.

Ms Barnes said people can be time poor and get complacent, but there are some easy treatments.

The most effective treatment for dogs they recommend are oral treatments that prevent fleas and ticks for 1-3 months.

While a treatment for six months may set you back about $60, the minimum cost of tick toxicity treatment is $500, and can escalate depending on the pets condition.

Older generation protective measures such as collars and spot treatments offer some protection, but daily checks, keeping pet coat short and being aware of tick season are also important.

Tick paralysis can be present in different ways but more common clinical signs include: Wobbliness in the back legs, loss of appetite, vomiting, lethargy, altered pupil size, changes in breathing sound or pattern, or a change in gum colour.