The biggest first date turnoff has been revealed

WHAT'S the biggest turnoff for those going in for a kiss on a first date?

According to one survey it's stinky cigarette breath, and by quite a margin.

A poll by one oral hygiene company showed that 52 per cent of first-date snoggers wouldn't kiss someone with 'fag breath', disappointing some inveterate smokers in certain newspaper offices.

In second place was the smell of garlic, with 27 per cent of those polled saying that would be a turn off on a first date, while 12 per cent said the biggest turnoff was 'bad kissing technique'.

The survey, by oral health company DenTek, also found that 87 per cent of men expected to kiss 'with tongues' on a first date.

Those men might be disappointed to learn the survey showed that only 37 per cent of women felt the same way.