I HAVE no hesitation in saying that Bioshock: Infinite is a must-buy game. If your computer can run it.

To put my reaction to the game in perspective, my housemate and I finished it at roughly the same time and our first instinct was to invite everyone who'd finished it to a gush-about-what-we've-just-seen party.

It's just that profound an experience.

I'll answer the concerns of gamers who've been waiting for this release:

  • Yes, it's better than the first Bioshock.
  • Yes, it's as good as System Shock 2.
  • Yes, the story and characters will stick it up Roger Ebert every time he says that games aren't art.


This is art of the highest quality.

You play as Booker DeWitt, an ex-pinkerton with a violent history who's taken a contract to kidnap a young girl to pay back his debts.

The rub? The young girl lives in an airborne city, Columbia, run by an ultra-patriotic pseudo-christian cult that has fingered DeWitt as something of an anti-Christ.

Even worse? Their Christ is the young girl he's meant to kidnap.

Elizabeth, the girl you see in the game's promotional gear, was far better integrated into the experience than I expected. Her part in combat was seamless and helpful while I honestly think that the story being played out here is hers, not yours, and it's a damn fine thing at that.

As befits a Bioshock game, the graphics are gorgeous to the point where you'll find yourself standing on a railing and just gazing out over the city. You'll invite friends over to see how it looks.

My wife was regularly asked to 'watch this bit' as I fought disturbingly well rendered enemies among the most beautiful rendition of heaven I've seen in some time.

If I could fault Bioshock: Infinite it's that you'll need a monstrously fast PC to play it at full graphics. You'll need fairly recent PC to play it on most of the prettier graphics settings.

But even if you're playing it on a pizza box with all the setting down at minimum, play it anyway, you'll remember the story and you'll remember the characters long after you've forgotten what the graphics looked like.