Quite possible the funniest moment of the Open so far.
Quite possible the funniest moment of the Open so far.

Twist in viral Aus Open headband beef

A MELBOURNE woman at the centre of the viral Australian Open headband scrap has revealed her firm belief that she is the rightful owner of the sweaty garment.

A video showing two women arguing and tussling over an item of clothing near the front row of seats at Melbourne Arena on Wednesday spread quickly across the internet.

According to reports on Wednesday, the two women locked horns when they both apparently latched onto a sweatband tossed into the crowd by No. 11 seed Aryna Sabalenka following her impressive win over Britain's Katie Boulter.

Now, the story has been turned on its head by one of the women's claims she has a history with Sabalenka and was the intended recipient when the Belarusian star tossed her accessory into the stands.

Cathy Willett, the woman seen on the right hand side of the viral video clip, has told The Australian she has been cheering Sabalenka on all week at Melbourne Park - and has even been sporting a Belarusian flag - and is adamant the other woman in the video was trying to cut her grass when they both clutched the headband at the same time.

The woman says she sat In the front row for the entirety of Sabalenka's second round win and claims her sweatband adversary only walked down to the front of the court for an opportunistic shot at a photo or autograph with Sabalenka as she left the court.

Sabalenka is pretty popular in Melbourne.
Sabalenka is pretty popular in Melbourne.

"I went and saw Sabalenka play on Monday. She came over to me after the match and said, 'Thanks for your support' and signed my flag," Ms Willett said.

"She looked at me when she threw the headband and I got most of it, but this woman next to me started fighting with me for it.

"There was a lady on my side (of the scuffle) who was sticking up for me saying the other lady should give the headband to me.

"The other woman only came down to the front row after the match to get photos.

"I was the only one there with a Belarusian flag … the other woman didn't even know what flag it was. I bought it myself online and even printed Sabalenka's name on it."

She says security confiscated the headband and are yet to return her calls to claim ownership of the confiscated artefact.

Bizarrely, she says the other woman suggested cutting the headband into two pieces so they could both take home a memento when security staff tried to mediate the disagreement.