Blue King Brown releases Born Free

BLUE King Brown is heading back to Byron Bay with a new album, Born Free.

Speaking from Kingston, Jamaica, singer and front woman Natalie Pa'apa'a confirmed the album was free to stream from

"The album is not free to download but you can stream it for free," she said.

"We are not huge fans of the monetary system and we really want people to have the music.

"We are trying to find a balance to shift towards new, creative ways to getting people the music and different forms of trade."

Natalie said Born Free was about the intrinsic goodness within every human being. "We all have the potential and ability to connect with that, and think outside the current work-model and into the creation of a new reality," she said.

The singer admitted they never set up to be a band that focused on social and political issues.

"We just wanted to create music together that people can feel, dance to and enjoy," she said.

"I wasn't even the singer when we started the band.

"We started writing songs and this is what came out of me naturally.

"It's an evolution as a lyricist and as a human being, experiencing where we are in the physical plain at this time in the history of the world.

"If that changes in the future, I can't say."

She said musicians had a mission "to reach for a higher consciousness and a higher stage".

"Music and the arts are one of the most powerful tools," she said.

The Melbourne band is keen to play their new music in their second home, Byron Bay, at Bluesfest.

"Bluesfest is like a hometown festival for us," Natalie said.

"We started busking in the festival grounds and over the years we have been there performed on the main stages at the festival.

"We are preparing a unique show."

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