WIRES rescued the entangled Black Kite.
WIRES rescued the entangled Black Kite.

Black Kite found tangled in soccer net

THE importance of returning an animal to its home or natal territory was highlighted when an adult Black Kite was found recently in a most unusual place.

A first for WIRES, the bird - Pele - was found completely tangled in the netting of a soccer goalpost.

The bird was very stressed and dehydrated from the entanglement, but luckily suffered no injury or feather damage.

After a few days of rehydration, rest and food he was taken back to the soccer oval for release.

Upon release Pele disappeared from sight and then returned circling low over the release team.

WIRES reported he then flew off and was immediately joined by his mate who had been patiently waiting for his return.

The two birds frolicked in the wind for the next half hour, providing an amazing aerial courtship display.

Black Kites, like so many other birds of prey, can pair up for life.

When nesting they rely heavily on each other.

The female will incubate the eggs and nurture young while the male provides food.

Once young have fledged the birds may join up with other isolated pairs to form large flocks.

The Black Kite is the only Australian raptor known to do this.

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