The Black Lives Matter protest in Lismore.
The Black Lives Matter protest in Lismore.

Lismore protest put us 'at great risk': Kevin Hogan

UPDATE 4.10pm: FORMER mayor of Lismore Jenny Dowell posted a photo of police taking a knee at the Lismore rally.

She didn't go, citing health reasons, but was supportive of those who did attend.

"I would never ever criticise the people who went," Ms Dowell said.

"There is a feeling among the non-Indigenous community who feel strongly we want to support our Aboriginal friends.

"Many people wanted to be there to say this is not just an American issue, this is an Aboriginal issue."

She did express health concerns for those who went.

"It's very difficult in a large group to maintain physical distancing, I hope in two weeks' time we do not see a spike in cases," Ms Dowell said.

Mr Hogan has been approached for further comment. 


Original story: PAGE MP Kevin Hogan has condemned the Lismore Black Lives Matter rally for putting health advances "at great risk".

In a social media post on Sunday, Mr Hogan began by pledging his support for the cause.

"Black lives do matter," he said.

His concerns laid with the delivery of that message via a mass gathering in his electorate amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Saturday's protest in Lismore was not okay," he said.

"People have had to miss funerals of loved ones. Many events have been cancelled, including ANZAC Day. Many people have lost their jobs."

The Facebook post on Sunday has elicited a strong response from supporters and detractors.

Many echoed his concerns about health risks.

Detractors accused him of "white privilege" and of hypocrisy, as there have been large numbers of people in supermarkets and all students returned to school last week.

Mr Hogan has been contact for further comment.