ISLAND STYLE: Northern Rivers musician and surfer Tom Avery, aka Blakboi.
ISLAND STYLE: Northern Rivers musician and surfer Tom Avery, aka Blakboi.

Blakboi enjoys making waves on stage and at the sea

WAVES are one of Blakboi's favourite things, whether they be sound waves or ocean waves.

Ocean sounds, chilled riffs mixed with tunes about his Aboriginal heritage and songs about enjoying life and those we love will be the show that Northern Rivers artist Tom Avery, aka Blackboi, will bring to Evans Head.

Lismore's Blakboi, who performed at Mullum Music Festival last weekend, said his current focus was on recording and producing some of his new songs.

"I'm still performing my ocean music and singing a lot about culture, about having a beautiful life, and sharing the love with as many people as I can, but I am also recording and producing," he said.

"It also looks like there may be some new music out towards the end of the year and into the new year."

"It's a blessing just to share my music with people and represent our indigenous Aboriginal and Maori cultures."

Blakboi said his new tunes were following the island style, chilled, but also looping and using acoustic guitar that he featured in previous releases.

"It comes from me being a surfer but also a saltwater Aboriginal country man," he explained.

"Our culture comes from the ocean, and it uses the healing properties of the salt water but also the healing properties of music.

"Early influences for me are Jack Johnson from Oahu in Hawaii, Daft Punk with that beautiful electronic beat, but also Fat Freddy's Drop from New Zealand and they have that ska/reggae feel, and if you mould those three together you get an idea of my music style and where it is evolving to.

"I can play an acoustic guitar under a palm at the beach but it also helps having an acoustic element and (to) bring a heave beat element into the music and get people dancing."

Blakboi's latest song is called Are You OK?

"The songs is about all the things we deal with growing up, and a story of letting go," he said.

"In this technologically charged world, we need to take time out and get back to nature," he said.

  • At Hotel Illawong, 13-19 Oak Street, Evans Head, on Sunday, December 2, from 3.30pm.