Lake Ainsworth.
Lake Ainsworth.

Blue-green algae levels not being tested at lake

BALLINA Shire Council has stopped monitoring water quality at Lake Ainsworth for the 2019/2020 season.

Environmental health officer, Rachael Jenner, said the council routinely monitored the lake for blue green algae between the October and April school holidays, and for the Beachwatch program in December, January and February.

"The summer period is monitored, as it is a period of higher use and higher risk of blue green algae blooms due to the higher temperatures," she said.

"Council is not intending to extend the normal monitoring program due to the current COVID-19 restrictions."

Ms Jenner offered some tips for those who decide to continue swimming in the lake.

"Our standard advice is not to swim within three days of heavy rain, when stormwater pollution is present (i.e. litter, etc) or when blue green algae scums or slicks are present."