Blue over ‘worst road in Australia'

BLUE Knob Road, Nimbin's main northern thoroughfare, is the worst road in Australia, according to Nimbin Rox youth hostel manager Lieke Donkers.

Ms Donkers said she travelled all over Australia before arriving in Nimbin and she had never seen anything like the potholed and poorly-patched road anywhere else.

“It's a real car wrecker,” she said.

Ms Donkers said the road was dangerous because it was windy, but its countless potholes, patched cracked surface also made it deadly, especially at night.

She said the road was used not only by locals, but many tourists who were totally unprepared for its condition.

Last week, one visitor to Nimbin was left with two flat tyres after hitting a pothole, she said.

Blue Knob Hall Gallery secretary Robin Moore said Blue Knob Road, on which the gallery is situated, was so bad she now avoided driving on it at all

“I have started shopping in Kyogle and at Sphinx Rock,” she said.

Lismore City Councillor David Yarnall agreed the road was dangerous, but said the council lacked the will to address the declining state of many of its rural roads.

“It's an accident waiting to happen,” he said. “Roads should be the council's number one priority.”

Cr Yarnall said $87 million would be required to bring all roads within the council's area up to scratch.

The council's executive director of infrastructure services, Garry Hemsworth, said council was trying to ‘hold the road together' until State funding became available in July next year.

If the council is successful in its application for the funds, a major reconstruction of several sections of the road will begin by July 2012.

“That road has deteriorated more quickly than other rural roads,” Mr Hemsworth said. “It is at the top of our priority list.”