Aerial view of the Blues and Roots Festival site at Tyagarah.
Aerial view of the Blues and Roots Festival site at Tyagarah. Doug Eaton

Bluesfest 2013 had the best vibe ever

CAPACITY crowds, an awesome artist line-up plus an incredible festival vibe combined to make Bluesfest 2013 the best ever, according to industry insiders.

And with the launch of October's three-day multi-arts celebration of indigenous culture, the Boomerang Festival, Bluesfest director Peter Noble said punters can be assured the future of both festivals was in good hands.

Mr Noble said from the feedback he received after this year's epic festival, Bluesfest 2013 went to another level.

"I believe energy attracts energy and the word spreads about how great this festival is," he said.

"Many people in the industry have been declaring Bluesfest 2013 the best-ever line-up to hit Australia, and I dare say it is, but as important to me is that the word on the ground is Bluesfest 2013 is the best festival vibe ever."

"Punters want to come, and artists want to play - that word of mouth builds momentum and that momentum has built up over time and now we've gone to another level."

Mr Noble said there were many highlights on this year's bill of artists and for Bluesfest 2014 there will be the same incredible festival vibe.

"Roger Hodgson's performance was spiritual, and of course Ben Harper - his solo show keeps reminding me why he belongs on our bill."