Peter Noble.
Peter Noble. Patrick Gorbunovs

Bluesfest director lends a hand to help the koalas

AMIDST all the throbbing, crashing and wailing of the 92 artists that played at Bluefest this year, Bluesfest supremo and creative director Peter Noble took time out on Saturday to host a discussion at the newly commissioned Lotus Palace about the koalas that share his sprawling festival site at the Tyagarah Tee Tree Farm.

With up to 12 koalas known to call the site home already, Mr Noble underlined his commitment, with a second study commissioned to look at the habitat, movements, health and reproductive habits of the marsupial.

"We are taking responsibility for where we live," said Mr Noble.

"Koalas live for 10-15 years and we need to undertake long-term studies, so we are definitely in this for the long haul."

Later yesterday at a Q&A session in the Cavanbah tent, much-loved Irish singer/songwriter, Luka Bloom shared his thought on songwriting and performance with a slightly overawed audience.

Bloom shared his feelings about being asked to share the stage with the Dalai Lama on his Australian tour in 2011.

"I wrote a song about what it must have been like for him to leave his home, his country and people in 1959," said Bloom. "It was a very humbling experience to share the stage with him."

Bloom also talked about the special connection he believes that Irish singers have with their Australian audi- ences.

"When Australian audiences hear Irish singers it seems to allow the Aussies to express the very deep heart connection that many feel for Ireland."