Bluesfest: The home of music, dancing, and... Wifi

MUSIC lovers will have even more ways to have fun at the 2015 Byron Bay Bluesfest, with Telstra providing free Wi-Fi and improved mobile coverage through a Cell on Wheels.

That's right, festival-goers will be able to flood your Facebook and Instagram feeds with photos and videos of them having a blast at this weekend's Byron-based festival, all thanks to free Wi-Fi.

A CoW is a piece of temporary infrastructure that can be tethered to the Telstra Mobile broadband network to allow more mobile users to be online or on the phone at the same time.


Telstra Country Wide Area General Manager for North Coast, Mike Marom, said the additional capacity and free Wi-Fi will better cater for visitors growing demand to use their smartphones during the festival.

"The Telstra Mobile network has been designed to manage the normal day-to-day demands in a particular area but when a large event is held for a few days or even weeks, a CoW can be brought in to take the pressure off the existing network," Mr Marom said.

"By deploying a CoW we can better cater for the ever-growing number of people who now use their smartphones not simply to make calls or send text messages, but for uploading photo and video content to social media sites."

For the first time, the CoW will be used to provide free Wi-Fi to festival goers, with three hotspots to be placed within the festival arena.

The hotspots are part of trial to see how Telstra can provide an effective Wi-Fi solution to large scale events.

While the additional services will assist in managing demand, the increase of users to the areas may lead to slower than expected data at peak times, Mr Marom said.

"If data is slower than expected I'd encourage our customers to wait a few minutes and try again. Just as the bars and music tents experience a heavier demand at times, so too does the mobile network."


How to connect to Telstra Free Wi-Fi at Bluesfest:

  • Any Wi-Fi enable device will be able to access the free Wi-Fi network.
  • Each session last 30 mins however there is no limit to the number of sessions a user can log into.
  • Once in range of a hotspot, find Free_Telstra_WiFi
  • Accept T&Cs and begin using the free Wi-Fi