TOURING: Blues artist Lloyd Spiegel.
TOURING: Blues artist Lloyd Spiegel. Contributed

Bluesman Lloyd Spiegel takes the backroads to our stages

BACKROADS is blues musician Lloyd Spiegel's latest release, which marks a new sound and style for this icon of blues guitar in Australia.

We had a chat to the artist ahead of his Byron Bay show.

Were the songs in Backroads written at a specific writing session?

I wrote them over a six-week period between home and Los Angeles. That's not the norm for me. I usually just wait till the songs hit me, so it could be a year between the first track and the last track. This one has more of a theme to it, and it's probably because it was written in one frame of mind. To get that one space in time to write definitely made this different.

The Kick Around sounds big and 'meaty' but it's surprisingly short, why?

The Kick Around was made to be an intro or a pallet cleanser for the album. It's a much harder punching record than my other work so I wanted to make a short, sharp, to the point statement at the open that this is going to be something they haven't heard from me before.

Listening to music you released in 2014, there is a big difference with Backroads. Where did this come from?

There was only so much I could do with an acoustic guitar and once I brought the electric into the studio, I felt this sense of freedom. If I was switching instruments, then there are no rules and no expectation. CDs have always been about finding a balance between guitarist, blues artist and songwriter. This is the first time I feel I got that balance equal.