Senate-elect Barry O'Sullivan
Senate-elect Barry O'Sullivan Peter Holt

Maverick Katter is a 'Judas Isacariot' says LNP senator

THE boy from the country is turning his back on the bush, says LNP senator-elect Barry O'Sullivan.

Former LNP Queensland treasurer Mr O'Sullivan hit out at Bob Katter yesterday labelling him a "Judas Iscariot" after the maverick MP struck a preference deal in the Senate with the Australian Labor Party.

Mr O'Sullivan, and LNP candidate for Capricornia Michelle Landry, branded the Katter's Australian Party leader a traitor to Central Queensland farmers after the ALP's preference deal with his party in Queensland.

"Bob is Judas Iscariot of the people of the land," Mr O'Sullivan said, referencing the apostle who betrayed Jesus Christ.

"He's sold out the people of the bush for 30 pieces of silver. This is very, very, very significant. The same people that have supported Bob in the past, he's turned his back on them."

While the ALP will support The Greens in the Senate in other states, Mr Katter, reportedly a close friend of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, secured the deal as Upper House preferences were finalised.

By announcing the deal, Mr O'Sullivan said KAP was supporting the ALP's policies, which saw 9000 mining jobs slashed and the ban of live cattle exports; both of which had a huge impact on local farmers.

"Their supporters must be asking, 'Why have you done this?' Mr O'Sullivan said.

"I think Bob will find out that the people in the bush will understand what this means to them and they'll know that a vote for Bob Katter is a vote for Labor."

Ms Landry said rural voters who had put their trust in Mr Katter would be devastated.