A storm probability map for 4pm from North Coast Storm Chasers.
A storm probability map for 4pm from North Coast Storm Chasers.

BoM warning: Damaging winds and large hailstones

A SEVERE Thunderstorm Warning has been issued this afternoon for damaging winds and large hailstones for people in parts of Northern Rivers.

The Bureau of Meteorology said severe thunderstorms are likely to form over the next several hours, but the warning area does not currently include Lismore and coastal locations.

Although North Coast Storm Chasers forecaster, Antonio Parancin said: "Storms are likely widespread with severe storms possible locally.”

"Yesterday we ended up having a mostly 'fail day' with the exception of some isolated severe cells on the ranges then later areas like Yamba, Ballina and Grafton had a quick rumble and lightning show.”

He said the no-show and short-lived storms was due to an onshore easterly sea breeze.

But, he said "thunderstorms should not have issues today”.

"Today we have a NNE wind expected and this will bring much warmer and moist air into the mix alongside with highly unstable atmosphere and very humid conditions thunderstorms should not have issues today,” Mr Parancin wrote.

Higgins Storm Chasing also posted on their page: "Some isolated to scattered storms are likely across NENSW and Southern parts of SEQLD during this afternoon. Some of these have a good chance of becoming severe.”

The weather forecasters wrote the humidity is making things feel a lot hotter.

"Maximums are likely to quickly reach the mid 30s and be heavily influenced by humidity making it feel between 3 and 6C warmer.”

The Weather Channel says Lismore is currently 32C, but due to humidity it feels like 38C.