Boomerang Festival coming back - eventually

BOOMERANG, the Indigenous festival kickstarted last year by Bluesfest director Peter Noble, is coming back, but it will take a while to get here.

In a statement just released, festival organisers say Federal Budget cuts to Aboriginal organisations meant the Boomerang Festival would have to be run as a biennial event and called for sponsors to help fund the festival.

"We will therefore be directing our planning for this year's event that was to be held on 4th-6th October 2014 into next year," the statement says. The new date for the festival is October 3-5, 2015.

Organisers said the first Boomerang Festival had already chalked up some remarkable achievements, including a trip to Scotland for some of the 2013 acts for the Boomerang Concert at the Commonwealth Games.

"Boomerang is a world class event and it is for many, their first real interaction at an event that is programmed by and with a First Nation's perspective," Boomerang Festival director Rhoda Roberts says in the statement.

"It is our cultural responsibility to ensure the authenticity, control and authorship of the event reflects the depth and diversity of our cultures, rituals and arts practices. 

"It is essential that the festival program represents remote, rural and regional Australia along with international and often unseen First Nation global music and culture.

"This is an essential ingredient to what gives Boomerang its edge but faces costly challenges due to the nature of distances and travel expenses.

"While we are saddened the 2014 event is not taking place, by making our event biennial allows us to nurture and strategically look at the marketplace and seek financial support that will enable us to deliver an extraordinary event and meet even the most discerning festival-goers' expectations.

"We need your help to join us to share in the diversity. Ideally we are seeking sponsorship support in some way for what is a truly unique Australian and international cultural event."