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Thumbs up thumbs down

Border lockouts and litterbugs get you talking

WE ASKED you to give us your likes and dislikes from this week, and plenty of you responded. Here's what you gave your Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down to this week:

Lesley Beaufils: THUMBS DOWN to the Queensland Premier Anna Palaszczuk and Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young for continuing to keep the border closed to the Clarence Valley LGA despite being COVID free for over 200 days. Actually, that's a big THUMBS UP to the residents of the Clarence Valley.



Leanne Miller: THUMBS UP to Pretty Little Witch boutique store South Grafton..... absolutely the best tattoos. Fantastic place, great service.

Darryl Stokes: THUMBS DOWN to the scum bags that leave their rubbish at Lilydale camp sites. These people are total ferals.


Paige Ingram: THUMBS DOWN to the person in the white commodore wagon who threw a bag of rubbish out their window on the Gwydir Highway just past Rogans Bridge Road turn off this afternoon.

Luci Fysh: THUMBS DOWN to people speeding in school zones and parking in the bus stop.

Amanda Laffey: THUMBS DOWN to school kids throwing rocks at cars and houses, breaking windows.

Anne Warburton: THUMBS DOWN to the bloke who washed his car at Lawrence boat ramp with the hose attached to the cleaning table. The taps have been capped for a reason - no car washing, it's a fish cleaning table.

Corrina Brown: THUMBS DOWN to aggressive/excessive barking dogs and owners that don't care. Also to Clarence Valley Council rangers who won't help when needed.