Boss left out of $40m worth of Powerball winnings

A BOSS at a factory in Liverpool - in Sydney's southwest - has hired Shine Lawyers to help him try and retrieve more than $2 million worth of Powerball winnings after a syndicate in his workplace won the jackpot and refused to pay him.

The syndicate which included about 14 other people won  $40,445,165 and the money is reportedly due to be paid out on Thursday. 

However Shine Lawyers Commercial Litigation and Insolvency Practice Leader Luke Whiffen claimed his client had been wrongfully excluded from his $2.6 million share of the winnings.

And this afternoon the firm sent out a press release saying papers would be filed at the NSW Supreme Court in Sydney at 10am tomorrow. 

"This was a long running work syndicate and our client is the only member who has been excluded from this winning syndicate," Mr Whiffen said.

"We are requesting that NSW Lotteries doesn't pay any of the winnings to the registered holder of the winning ticket, while it is unclear who was a part of the syndicate and who wasn't."

"If the registered holder of the winning ticket does receive the money from NSW Lotteries, we will require that they do not make a decision on their own as to how that money is paid out. The winnings need to be frozen until the dispute is resolved.

"As anyone can imagine losing a rightful share of $40 million would be devastating. To see this life changing event slip through our client's fingers is unacceptable. It's only fair and just to make sure the winnings are paid to the right people in the right amounts."

The boss at the centre of the case said: "I feel betrayed that a work colleague I've been supportive of, can openly do this. I feel let down that the other members who know I am part of the work syndicate aren't willing to stand up for what is right.

"If someone else was in this position I would be the first one to talk to the group, to do the right thing. I have worked with these gentlemen for five years and when they've fallen on tough times, either at work or at home, I have supported them. I hope that this will all be cleared up quickly and that all the members in the syndicate receive their fair share."

The Daily Telegraph reports it attempted to get the worker's side of the story, without success.