Bowls results, photos from around the Northern Rivers

FRIENDSHIP and good fun along with skilful play appeared to be the order of the day for bowlers at clubs on the Northern Rivers this past week.

All clubs report they are keen to welcome new members be they expert or beginners.


Social bowls 14 July;

S Gordon, F Crowder, P Johns 13 d S Gordon, E Bosworth, B Bennett 4;

R Heffernan, S Baldwin 12 d S Bray, J Pike 7;

P Condon, S Mazzer 12 d G Nugent, H McDonnell 6;

W Threadgate, J Blay 10 d A O'Brien, E Fox 9;

B LeQuesne, K Tyrell 28 d C Francis, S Grady 14;

A Jackson, G Bray 16 d V Maxwell, M O'Neill 14;

Club Championship singles 16 July;

A Jackson 25 d P Condon 21;

J Pike 25 d K Albany 17;

K Tyrell 25 d H McDonnell 19;

E Fox 25 d L Morton 18;

A O'Brien 25 d H Riggs 7;

J Rhodes25 d P Johns 22;

18 July championship singles;

E Fox 25 d K Tyrell 22;

A Jackson 25 d J Pike 18;

S Baldwin 25 d F Crowder 22;

J Rhodes 25 d A O'Brien 2.


Weekend 14/7/20.

Blustery winds and greens faster than Usain Bolt made for an interesting but fun morning.

Results - Open Singles

J Lofts def S Pearce

E Scattergood def P Foster

Results - Social Bowls

J Seamer, J Williams (19) just pipped

M Darby, M Flesser (17).

M Essery, I Pettendy (20) clobbered

B Mules, S Allen (6).

L Gleeson, J Quigley, J Sanderson (13) outplayed

R Kinnear, J Andrew, M Crichton (9).

Today's Winners. M Essery, I Pettendy

Lucky Losers. M Darby, M Flesser

Raffle. J Sanderson

Reminder - AGM followed by GM - 8.30am 11 August 2020.

Nominations for committee positions close 21 July 2020.


Friday July 10th Jan Newell Susan Birrell & Annette James d Pam Brown Noelene Hawkes & Pat Lyon.

Wednesday July 15th Ann Temple Judy Mathews & Raelene Skirrey d Pam Brown Narelle Mayne & Ivy Watson: Jan Newell Chris Haynes & Denise Skinner d Carmel Doyle Joan Mason & Nancy Moran.

Susan Birrell & Grace Connolly shared lead Joan Mason & Annette James d Jan Newell Denise Skinner & Nancy Moran.


The Sandflies attended the Cherry Street Mens Bowling Club AGM before the morning game which of course is the right thing to do. That cut the mornings play down a bit but not any enthusiasm to say the least. Great to see some of the Lennox White Pointers on deck after being in isolation like the rest of us for around 4 months and growing a bigger beer gut seems to be one of the side effects off Lockdown. So a bit of exercise, getting out of the wife's hair for a few hours and a few beers with your mates makes for a top Sunday morning.

GUYS ON THE GREEN: Cherry St Sandflies members Paul Buckingham and Steve take in the action.
GUYS ON THE GREEN: Cherry St Sandflies members Paul Buckingham and Steve take in the action.

The winners on the day were Alfredo Garcia, Norm Mulholland and Johnny Harley getting up 16 to 13 against Sharky, Johnny King and Patrick Kearney. Runners up were Little Joe, Paul Buckingham and Kenny Arthur going down 23 to 16 against John Dennis Steve Russell and Greg Ironfield.

CHERRY ST SANDFLIES: ENJOYING the sunshine on Sunday were Stewie Weller and Lizard.
CHERRY ST SANDFLIES: ENJOYING the sunshine on Sunday were Stewie Weller and Lizard.

Home game next week, Alby's Football and Hotdog Day on the 2nd of August and the Sandflies AGM on the 16th of August in the Dining Room at Ballina's Premier and only Bowling Club - Cherry Street Sports.

DYNAMIC DUO: At the Cherry St Sandflies Sunday game were Graeme Houston and Kenny Arthur.
DYNAMIC DUO: At the Cherry St Sandflies Sunday game were Graeme Houston and Kenny Arthur.


Thursday Men's Bowls: 25-6-20

J.Cook, Rocco 26 d P.Korol, G.Painter 18

T.Prior, G.Hale, S.Gregory 21 d P.Mazzini, M.Gooley, W.Griffin 18

Saturday Social Bowls: 27-6-20

T.Prior, P.Korol, G.Finnigan 27 d R.Prior, G.Sharp, R.Adams 11

A.Gaggin. T.Cheli 28 d N.Harding, P.Russell 15

G.Hale, A.Maslen 29 d G.Donnelly, T.Gibson 18

G.Pollard, B.Lee 21 d J.McRae, P.Maloney 16

B.Harmon, M.Gooley 22 d R.Scott, Rocco 11

C.Kennedy, W.Morrissey 25 d R.Nind, J.Essex 22

Thursday Men's Bowls: 2-7-20

P.Mazzini, M.Gooley, G.Painter 31 d J.Cook, P.Korol, J.Beard 13

K.Gregory, S.Gregory 22 d G.Hale, Rocco 21

Saturday Social Bowls: 4-7-20

G.Hale, T.Cheli 27 d A.Maslen, P.Russell 17

P.Korol, G.Finnigan 22 d R.Prior, G.Painter 16

M.Gooley, G.Sharp, J.Cook 20 t T.Prior, A.Gaggin, B.Lee 20

Saturday A Singles Championship: 4-7-20

S.Gregory 31 d W.Morrissey 11

S.Fields 31 d J.Guertsen 26

Saturday A Grade Pairs Championship: 4-7-20

J.Wyborn, Rocco 36 d J.Olley, R.Nind 4

J.Beard, P.Maloney 23 d N.Harding, R.Parkes 15

Thursday Men's Bowls: 11-7-20

J.Nilon, M.Gooley 22 d O.Tanks, W.Griffin 8

R.Thistleton, S.Fields 26 d G.Sharp R.Parkes 12

Rocco, G.Finnigan 21 d P.Mazzini, G.Painter 12

Saturday Social Bowls: 13-7-20

R.Prior, G.Sharp, P.Russell 23 d T.Gibson, G.Hale, R.Parkes 10

P.Koral, R.Adams 17 d G.Finnie, J.Beard 10

J.McRae, W.Morrissey 20 d T.Prior, T.Cheli 15

B.Lee, A.Gaggin 20 d S.Wade, G.Painter 17

G.Finnigan, W.Griffin 16 t B.Harmon, M.Gooley 16

Saturday A Grade Pairs Championship: 11-7-20

Rocco, J.Wyborn 27 d S.Gregory, A.Pearce 18

Thursday Men's Bowls: 16-7-20

R.Parkes, M.Gooley 24 d Rocco, G.Finnigan 18

J.Nilon, J.Beard 24 d B.Broadbent, G.Painter 20

M.Weaver, K.Gregory, A.Maslen 18 d P.Mazzini, T.Gibson, W.Griffin 17

G.Sharp, S.Gregory 18 t P.Koral, S.Fields 18

Saturday Social Bowls: 18-7-20

R.Prior, G.Hale, G.Finnigan 2sets d T.Gibson, G.Sharp, M.Prior 1 set

T.Prior, W.Morrissey 2 sets d A.Gaggin, R.Thistleton 0 set

G.Donnelly, G.Painter, P.Russell 2 Sets d G.Revis, A.Maslen, P.Maloney 0 set

B.Lee, T.Cheli 2 sets d R.Parkes, N.Scandrett 0 set

Saturday A Grade Singles Championship: 18-7-20

J.Wyborn 31 d Rocco 13

S.Gregory 31 d S.Fields 13

R.Nind 31 d A.Pearce 22


Wednesday July 15 - B Ellis B Studders B Hyde def N Parker J Arnold R Felton + 25, P Anderson N Bodycote def S Barton D Condon + 17, R O'Reilly D Zelcer def B Ryan G Miller + 13, W Farrell J Holland G Lavelle def G O'Reilly P Crewe K Hayes + 9. Saturday July 18 - G Lavelle G King D Farrell def K Walters R Felton T Holder + 10, N Parker R Goebel def W Farrell D McQuilty + 9, B Ryan R McKenna B Hyde def B Ellis J Arnold Rex McKenna + 8, P Anderson D Petherbridge def T Burgess B Creighton + 5, J Holland S Hall def R Birmingham J King + 1. B grade singles D Warren def N Parker 31 to 8, S Barton def L Condon 31 to 27. Kyogle annual bowls carnival August 7 and 8.


Major Pairs Final Wednesday 8 July: K. Hair, J. Church 21 d A. Hewitt, K. Innes 7. Wednesday 15 Ladies Social: J. Brook, W. Ross, J. Fogarty (winners) 23 d L. Opperman, M. Hanaway, J. Stewart 15; C. Pyke-Nott, D. Strong, G. Martin 12 d L. McGough, J. Hollingsworth, S. Pollitt 11; B. Sullivan, B. Fensham, B. Knott 17 d J. Dickens, V. Munster, A. Humphries 8; K. Tait, M. Jones, C. Briand 12 d J. Dreyer, C. Roberts, C. Howell 11.


Tuesday 14 Men's Social: G. Brook, G. Mains, A. Ross (winners) 23 d K. Foster, R. Roberts, S. Prasad 14; D. Binns, F. Allcoat, J. Dudgeon 22 d G. McLaren, I. Hannaby, K. Frampton 16; D. Howell, I. Carruth 18 d M. Allan, P. Rutherford 16; C. Howell, Frosty, L. Martin 17 d G. Russell, J. McGough, R. Tait 12; J. Clark, B. Luker, G. McPhail 23 d W. Thatcher, R. Hurst, P. Blair 19; D. Gregor/ B. Caterson, R. McKinnon, K. Pringle 24 d J. Dennis, R. Condie, R. Reid 10; J. Adams, Tony Collier, J. Bowen 38 d S. Lewis, G. Hair, K. Watts 14. Saturday 18 Men's Club Championship Major Pairs: P. Blair, P. Sharp 24 d G. Ironfield, L. Martin 15; I. Carruth, K. Frampton 22 d B. Evans, G. Grady 19; Frosty, G. Baxter 20 d Tait Collier, G. Bowen 13. Open Social: L. Opperman, K. Watts 15 d J. Dryer, B. Knott 14; R. Roberts, S. Pollitt 18 d C. Roberts, W. Hampson 17; M. Hanaway, A. Ross 37 d B. Sullivan, J. Church 10; P. Carter, S. Prasad 26 d L. McGough, J. McGough 9; W. Thatcher, D. Howell 27 d C. Howell, G. Martin 13.


Wednesday Winners N. Wilson, J.Weismantel. Runners Up John Houghton, S.Stefanaras. Saturday Winner S . Clarke. Runners Up G. Osborne, J. Houghton. A Grade Single Results. G.Clifford defeated T.Canini. T.Turcato defeated D. Hellyar. M.Harris defeated R. Matthews. S. Clarke defeated K.McInerney. S. Brecard defeated B. Fredericks. J. Wisemantel defeated S. Stefanaras. Next Round to be played on or before 26th July. T.Turcato vs. G.Coughlin. Marker M.Wawn. M. Harris vs S. Clarke. Marker B. Matthews. S. Brecard vs. J. Wisemantel. Marker B. Fredericks. A Grade Pairs sheet on the board closing 26th July. District Fours being played at Souths on the 2nd August at 9am. AGM is on the 9th August Nomination sheet on the board for Registered Club and Bowls Committee.

Send us your bowls club results and some action shots to by 4pm on Tuesdays for online publication on Wednesdays.