An Australian family found this unwanted visitor in their home.
An Australian family found this unwanted visitor in their home.

Huge redback shocks Aussie family

An Australian family got the shock of their lives when they found a giant redback spider in their home on Boxing Day.

The spider was the size of a golf ball, and a picture of it posted to Reddit illustrated just how large it really was.

"Nothing more Australian on Boxing Day than finding a redback the size of a golf ball deciding to move in with their whole family," the caption on the creepy picture read.

Comments on the picture ranged from horror to unimpressed.

"F**k no," said one, while another said: "So did you burn the house down?"

Others had advice for dealing with the creature. "You got a flamethrower handy?" one offered, while another thought it was an "awesome spider to look at".

Another person wasn't worried and responded, "yeah, nah".

It comes as Australians are warned to be wary of an influx of funnel-web spiders.

The Australian Reptile Park has been inundated with large numbers of horror-sized funnel-web spiders and the weather is to blame.

They are the biggest the park's keepers have ever seen. All spiders that have been handed in have reached a leg span of over 6cms each, with the largest reaching a giant 10cms Along with this, the thickness of each leg sits at 3mm each, which is extremely rare.

The Australian Reptile Park has strongly urged Australians to beware and take extra care when they're playing backyard cricket over the festive season.

General Manager Tim Faulkner told the Central Coast Gosford Express Advocate the hot weather was causing the big increase in funnel-web spiders.

"We have had perfect weather conditions for funnel-webs, including dry weather with rainy nights. It's where funnel-web spiders thrive. It is crucial at this time of the year that people are being smart and are educated on Funnel-Web spider first aid."