Jail over attack on pregnant girlfriend

AN UNBORN baby will not meet its father until June because he had stomped the expectant mother when she was six months pregnant.

Now in jail for assault causing bodily harm and the aggravated breach of a domestic violence order, Jamal Matt Pitt, 23, stomped his girlfriend's chest when she was 26 weeks pregnant last November.

The attack left the woman deeply bruised and in fear for the safety of her unborn child.

Cairns Magistrates Court yesterday heard Pitt violently attacked the woman at a friend's Mooroobool residence last November.

After learning he had not earned her forgiveness for a previous incident, Pitt smashed a beer bottle over the back of her head.

"She rolled onto her side and tucked her knees up to protect her stomach, as she was worried about her baby," documents tendered to the court state.

Pitt stomped her chest twice, leaving her bruised and crawling to safety.

Three months later Pitt threatened the life of his own unborn child when the couple argued in the woman's Redlynch home.

Before lashing out at the expectant mother, Pitt told her: "I'll kill you and the baby right where you stand."

"She was shocked and extremely fearful of him and scared for herself and her unborn baby," the court documents state.

Pitt has been in custody since February 2.

Alan Watkins, defending, told the court his client had grown up watching both parents act violently to each other.

"As a young man he was exposed to domestic violence as a youth," Mr Watkins said.

"He is appalled by his behaviour - he was not aware of the extent of her injuries."

Pitt pleaded guilty to the charges.

Magistrate Allan Comans said had the bottle smashed the woman's face, "the consequences would have been far more serious".

"You lost control with you partner who was pregnant with your unborn child."

He jailed Pitt for 12 months, to be released on parole on June 2.