Jayden and Joseph Brady.
Jayden and Joseph Brady.

"Healthy, well mannered" Bradys had an unconventional life

DETAILS of the unconventional bush lifestyle of the Brady family have emerged following the location of 14-year-old Jayden and 11-year-old Joseph by Tweed Byron LAC Police last Tuesday at Suffolk Park near Byron Bay.

According to locals, about 2004 the once tightly-knit Brady family of eight arrived in Cabarita in a Volkswagen Kombi van, moving to a campsite on the creek bank so remote it was only accessible by canoe when the tide came up.

Bevan Wise of Bevan's Bait and Tackle sold lures, fresh vegetables and fruit, eggs and honey to the Brady family for eight years from his Cabarita shop until he moved into Coronation Ave, Pottsville.

Mr Wise said the Brady children were "very well mannered", "very healthy", and stuck to their mother like "baby chicks to a mother duck".

"Mum would always be with the kids and, when the youngest was little, she would carry him in a sling and breastfeed him," Mr Wise said.

"She always came across as well educated and well spoken and could add up figures quicker than I would out of the till."

Bevan Wise
Bevan Wise

Mr Wise could only recall the name of one of the six children - Fingal - because "he was born naturally on Fingal headland".

During the family's time in Cabarita the mother was seen using town tap water in Cabarita to fill a 40-litre drum, which she would "drag through the mangroves back to the tree house", he said.

The family is said to have lived off fish.

"The kids were great fishermen. They would come into the shop and they knew exactly what they wanted, their favourite lure was the blue pilchard," said Mr Wise.

"The little one would make lures out of wood, with a knife and a stone. I was real impressed, he done a damn good job."

Another Cabarita business owner said that her bakery helped the mother and the children for several years, giving them free bread.

"We helped out where we could," she said.

A fishing lure made by a member of the Brady family.
A fishing lure made by a member of the Brady family.

The family's 17-year-old son Indigo, nicknamed Tree Stone, lives in Byron Bay. The father, Daniel Brady, is in jail for breaching bail conditions. He is known as Omri Ki.

"The mother did most of the training of the boys while he did what he called his, 'music', but I wouldn't call it that, it sounded like absolutely nothing," Mr Wise said.

On his Facebook page, Mr Brady promotes a new age belief he says was founded on Albert Einstein's "unified field theory", that everything is connected through energy.

It is worth noting the unified field theory pursued by Einstein, sometimes referred to as the uniform field theory, was an effort to reconcile his general theory of relativity with thermodynamics and had none of the New Age allusions suggested by Mr Brady.

"The reason they are chasing us and trying to split us apart is because my dad discovered the unified field that Albert Einstein looked for for 40 years ..." Indigo wrote in an email to the Northern Star before the boys returned to their mother, now living in Tweed Heads with her mother.

Police arrested Mr Brady in bushland off Main Arm Rd, Mullumbimby last Monday for providing a false address at Lismore Court, when he was bailed for an alleged apprehended violence order breach.

Mr Wise said Mr Brady "would never hurt the boys" but he did worry about their welfare during the floods.

"With all that rain came mosquitos and sandflies, but they never came in sick. They must have rubbed mud all over themselves."

Before a week-long hunt for the boys, complete with a police helicopter and SES land search, the family were reportedly just "loners".