Mapoon man Soan Koko has been committed to stand trial for the murder of his de facto partner. PICTURE: JUSTIN BRIERTY
Mapoon man Soan Koko has been committed to stand trial for the murder of his de facto partner. PICTURE: JUSTIN BRIERTY

Brave actions of FNQ nurse after alleged murder revealed

A BRAVE nurse in a remote Far North community has told of sitting at kitchen table for "hours" with a man she believed had just killed his partner waiting for police.

Robyn Taylor was called to the Mapoon house of Soan Koko, 40, and his de facto partner Bonita Claudie about 11pm on October 12, 2018 to find her lifeless body on the bathroom floor and Mr Koko doing "desperate" CPR while shouting "come on, come on" and "don't do this to me".

During Mr Koko's committal hearing for murder in the Cairns Magistrates Court on Monday, Ms Taylor said she realised immediately the 22-year-old woman was dead but on the urging of several people in the house she did two minutes of CPR before declaring her deceased.

She said she then helped usher angry onlookers from the Ndruili St home where they were barricaded outside before she sat with Mr Koko at the kitchen table and waited for about four hours for police to arrive.

"He was constantly wringing his hands saying "this isn't me, I didn't do this"," she told the court.

"He was saying "we had a punch up, I tell you straight we were fighting".

"He was emptying her pockets and saying "I've got no drugs".

"At one point he got up and went into the kitchen and picked up a butcher's knife. He said he couldn't go to jail."

Ms Taylor said he seemed to be "starting to construct a defence for himself".

The young woman's aunt Katrina Budby gave evidence and said the couple and others had been drinking throughout the afternoon leading up to the death, but she also believed Mr Koko was on ice.

She broke down several times in court as she described Mr Koko allegedly viciously assaulting Ms Claudie as they drove around the community, punching her in the face and slamming her head into the dashboard.

Ms Budby told the court when the car stopped Ms Claudie got out but he repeatedly kicked as she lay on the ground before throwing her headfirst into the car three times despite her aunt's attempts to intervene.

The couple then drove away.

"I couldn't save her," she said.

"The last words she spoke to me is "aunty jump in the car with me".

"I knew in my heart something bad was going to happen."

Ms Taylor told the court Mr Koko said once they returned home they realised they did not have the house keys so he passed out in the car while Ms Claudie lay down beside the corner of the house.

"What made me consider that he was saying those things with remorse was because I think he knew she was lying there wounded," she said.

"While he slept she was dying."

She said she only asked one question as he spoke - about where Ms Claudie lay down, then despite being awake all night, went home when police arrived about 4am and made them coffee and snacks.

Mr Koko has been committed to stand trial in the Cairns Supreme Court.

He did not enter a plea.