Knife possession was a disturbing feature of Jamie Christopher Nelson-Adams' history, a judge said.
Knife possession was a disturbing feature of Jamie Christopher Nelson-Adams' history, a judge said. Rob Williams

Bravery as child molesting snake removalist carjacks

A HABITUAL criminal and occasional snake removalist has been jailed despite claiming he only showed his knife in a carjacking because the weapon felt uncomfortable in his pocket.

Jamie Christopher Nelson-Adams, 31, was also sentenced in Brisbane District Court on Thursday for indecent treatment of a child under 12.

Judge Richard Jones was told the offending, a few days apart, happened when the Tweed Heads man failed to take his anti-psychotic medication, was sleep deprived, or drunk.

Nelson-Adams was pretending to be on his phone when a woman approached at a Robina car park.

When the 22-year-old got into her car, Nelson-Adams got in too, demanding she take him to Southport, some 14km north.

He got his knife out, although defence barrister Paul Metcalf said the knife stayed in its sheath.

The woman drove for a while before bringing the car to a sudden halt outside a police station.

"She was extremely clear-headed and a very brave young woman,” Judge Jones said.

She "almost crashed through the fence of the police station” and then Nelson-Adams ran off, the judge said.

Prosecuting barrister Michael Mitchell said police found Nelson-Adams hiding under a car.

Nelson-Adams shook his head as this detail was read out.

A few days later, Nelson-Adams touched a girl's breast in Brisbane when under the influence of alcohol.

The 31-year-old was found guilty on that charge in July. A jury acquitted him on other related charges.

He told the trial he got drunk on sambuca and wine and admitted to "possibly” tickling the girl but denied performing sex acts on her.

The woman and girl were both traumatised after the crimes, Judge Jones said.

The court was told of his extensive criminal history in Queensland and New South Wales.

He had multiple community orders breaches, the court heard, and in 2014 led NSW police on a high-speed pursuit.

Judge Jones voiced dismay at the record. "It's littered with a number of property-related offences and somewhat alarmingly, also involved a number of instances involving ... possession of a knife.”

But the judge said "for even hopeless cases” there was some chance of rehabilitation.

Nelson-Adams had some work experience as a telemarketer and snake removalist.

He was sentenced to four years jail and will be eligible for parole on March 5 next year.

It is understood NSW Police also have an active warrant for him. -NewsRegional