Police are responding.
Police are responding. Janessa Ekert

Man arrested after alleged firearm incident at unit block

UPDATE 5PM: WITHIN 20 minutes of police receiving a call about a man allegedly armed with a gun in Juliet Street, police had taken him into custody. 

District Duty Officer Senior Sergeant Matt Sheridan of Mackay Police said just before 4pm police received information that a male person had entered a block of units on Juliet Street armed with a long-armed firearm. 

"Obviously police responded accordingly to ensure the safety of members of the public and members of the community in the vicinity," Snr Sgt Sheridan said. 

"After a short investigation we located a 21-year-old male person who is currently in our custody, assisting us with further enquiries. 

"At this stage the investigation is still progressing so we are not too sure if any charges will be forthcoming at this stage." 

Snr Sgt Sheridan said police were speaking to witnesses who allegedly saw the man wearing a motorbike helmet as he walked into the unit. 

"The young fella may have worn the motorbike helmet as he walked into the block of units however that is part of the ongoing investigation as to establish his intention," he said. 

Snr Sgt Sheridan said it was an important message that if anybody does produce firearms out where members of the public can easily see them, it does cause alarm to members of the community. 

"Consequently police will respond accordingly," he said. 

"A number of witnesses reported this to us and we responded quickly. 

"At reports of any armed situation police do respond accordingly and that includes the wearing of body worn video and if required the production of firearms. Police do so in a trained manner for their own protection and the protection of members of the public. 

UPDATE 4.20PM: A MALE and a female have both been detained by police at the scene of an alleged armed persons incident in Juliet Street. 

Police are searching a unit block at the incident location and reports suggest they have recovered a firearm. 

More to come. 

UPDATE 4.10PM: POLICE are preparing to block access to Juliet Street and a unit block where a man is reportedly armed with a shotgun. 

Multiple police crews have put on bullet proof vests and have positioned themselves on all sides of the units, which is a Department of Housing property.

Detectives from the Mackay Criminal Investigation Branch have been called to the scene. 

Residents and staff members at neighbouring properties have locked themselves inside. 

Residents are urged to avoid the area. 

BREAKING: POLICE are responding to unconfirmed reports of a man armed with a gun in Juliet Street.

Initial reports suggest the man was seen getting out of a vehicle at a set on units on Juliet Street, before putting a motorbike helmet on and taking a shotgun out of the boot of the car.

He has since made his way into the set of units.

Multiple police crews have arrived on scene and are wearing bullet-proof vests.