Brewery tastes the success of Welcome Back sessions

THE doors opened, the beer was cold and Stone and Wood’s tasting room in Byron Bay was back doing what it does best.

The local Byron Bay brewery held ‘Welcome Back’ sessions following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, with up to ten people able to pre-book for four 100-minute sessions per Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Stone and Wood general Manager, Nick Boots, said the offering was more about giving back to their customers than breaking a profit.

“It’s not a money making exercise for us, it’s pretty much close to break-even but again, it’s about getting people back into our venues, engaging and getting our staff ready for when that expansion from 10 (people) to a maximum of 20 (people) comes in four weeks, and then, hopefully 100 after that,” Mr Boots said.

“We learned a few bits and pieces … we’ll add a bit more food and a few more beers as our production ramps up,” Mr Boots said.

The sessions included include a three-beer tasting paddle, a meal, a brief tour with the Stone & Wood crew and a voucher for the bottle shop and proved popular with customers.

“We’ve had super feedback, they’ve been rapt to come back in, actually the couple that walked through the door had come up from Newcastle … plenty of great social media feedback as well,” Mr Boots said.

After the initial success, the sessions have become popular with the brewery seeing a huge uptake for future sessions.

“We’re actually finding our forward bookings are stronger actually than last weekend, now that people have had the chance to get organised and hear about it, so I think it’ll only get stronger and stronger,” Mr Boots said.

To book a session, visit