Bride slammed for wedding gowns. Picture: Rachel Ward/Instagram
Bride slammed for wedding gowns. Picture: Rachel Ward/Instagram

Bride slammed for ‘narcissistic’ act

A BRIDE was criticised as "vain" and "narcissistic" after she wore five dresses worth over $90,000 ($A125k) to her two weddings - but she claims she really isn't a bridezilla.

Rachel Ward, a 27-year-old fashion blogger from England, received multiple negative comments after she posted pictures of her five wedding gowns to Instagram, with some suggesting her husband should "run for the hills".

"High maintenance and vain! The marriage won't last. Guarantee it," one person said.

"The dresses were clearly more important than the actual getting married part," another added.

Another said: "You'll probably end up divorced. Just over the top."

But the bride hit back at the nasty comments, saying she has dealt with this type of bullying for years and has learnt to sympathise with them as they are usually the "unhappy" ones.

Although she purchased one of the dresses herself for $17,800 ($A24,788) she claimed most of them were sent to her by labels hoping to be featured on her social media.

Ward and her husband had two ceremonies, with three of the dresses being used for their tradition wedding in the UK and the two others for their destination wedding in the Maldives.

"I'm not really a bridezilla, I simply love fashion which is what I studied, for my degree," Ward told the Daily Mail.

"I think I got a little carried away and just kept seeing more and more that I liked, only looking back now do I realise how many I had."

After the Maldives wedding she says she left the two gowns at the resort for future brides who can't afford their own and plans to donate the rest to charity.