Bronwyn Bishop says she will pay back Geelong flight cost

SPEAKER Bronwyn Bishop will repay the money she charged taxpayers for a 90-kilometre helicopter ride to a Liberal fundraiser last year.

Mrs Bishop's six-monthly report to the Finance Department revealed she made a return trip in November, estimated at about 90 kilometres, between Melbourne and Geelong at a cost of $5,227.27 to the taxpayer.

Earlier today Treasurer Joe Hockey conceded the helicopter trip to a political fundraiser did not pass the "sniff test" and called on Mrs Bishop to provide an explanation.


Sorry Joe, but MPs' spending doesn't pass sniff test

Bronwyn Bishop spends $5,000 on 80km charter flight

She released a short statement this afternoon confirming she would pay for the flight herself.

"I have today written to the Special Minister of State indicating I will reimburse the Department of Finance the costs associated with the use of my charter allowance on 5 November 2014," the statement said.

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