Scott Andrew Thompson, 35, faced Mackay Magistrates Court on Monday.
Scott Andrew Thompson, 35, faced Mackay Magistrates Court on Monday. anna1311

'Buddhist' refuses blood test after car crash

AFTER crashing his car speeding down Eton Range with a haul of marijuana on-board, a Dysart dad refused to provide blood to police, telling officers his Buddhist religion prevented the practice.

Scott Andrew Thompson, 35, eventually paid a hefty price for his illegal refusal to give blood for testing.

He appeared in Mackay Magistrates Court on Monday, pleading guilty to failing to provide a specimen and possessing marijuana on April 18.

Prosecutor Chelsea Pearson said police had been tasked to attend a crash on the Peak Downs Hwy about 12.05am.

"On arrival, police observed a car had crashed into a rock wall in the west-bound lane ... a male person (Thompson) was sitting on the bumper of the crashed vehicle," she said.

Police detained Thompson while his car was searched.

"During a search of the defendant's vehicle, a clip-seal bag containing green leafy material and a Tupperware container also containing green leafy material were located behind the driver's seat," Ms Pearson continued.

Thompson identified the "material" as marijuana and said he smoked "up to three times a day", and had last smoked the day before.

Suffering a cut on his head which needed stitches, Thompson was taken to hospital and police officers demanded Thompson provide blood, which he flat-out refused

Thompson told officers: "No I do not permit it. I am Buddhist and don't believe it's right. I do not permit it".

Magistrate Damien Dwyer paused proceedings briefly to check he heard correctly.

Defence solicitor Danny Yarrow, of Legal Aid, said Thompson made "full and frank" admissions to drug use at the scene, and did provide a specimen of breath.

He said Thompson had been "going too fast" down the steep incline on the day and "over-steered", leading to the crash.

Mr Dwyer ended up fining Thompson $1420, disqualifying him from driving for seven months and ordering him to take part in drug diversion, or lose $450 recognisance.