Swimmers and surfers are being advised to be shark smart.
Swimmers and surfers are being advised to be shark smart. Smart Smart DPI

Bull, white sharks detected off North Coast beaches

THE sun is finally out, it's school holidays, and it's very tempting to go for a swim or a surf.

But it's important to be #sharksmart if you're heading into the ocean.

The NSW DPI this morning reported a tagged bull shark was detected off Lennox Point at Lennox Head, and earlier a 2.89m white shark was caught on a smart drumline off Seven Mile Beach, Lennox Head.

Just before 12.30pm, a 2.04m white shark was caught on a smart drumline at Lighthouse Beach, Ballina.

Earlier this morning, surfers were evacuated from Shelly Beach at Ballina after Surf Life Saving NSW reported a sighting of a bull shark.

How to be shark smart

  • Tell an on-duty lifesaver or lifeguard if you spot a shark near swimmers or surfers
  • Don't swim too far from shore
  • Don't swim with bleeding cuts or wounds
  • Always swim, dive or surf with other people
  • Avoid swimming and surfing when it's dark or during twilight hours
  • Avoid murky water, waters with known effluents or sewage
  • Avoid areas used by recreational or commercial fishers
  • Avoid areas with signs of bait fish or fish feeding activity; diving seabirds are a good indicator of fish activity
  • Do not rely on sightings of dolphins to indicate the absence of sharks; both often feed together on the same food
  • Be aware that sharks may be present between sandbars or near steep drop offs
  • Avoid swimming in canals and swimming or surfing in river/harbour mouths
  • Avoid having pets in the water with you
  • Do not swim/surf near or interfere with shark nets
  • Consider using a personal deterrent.